Ubuntu Karmic 9.10

This weekend I reinstalled one of my laptops with the latest Ubuntu release.
I didn't upgrade, because this installation was still young, without lots of personal tweaks and I read somewhere that if you upgrade from 9.04 you will miss some things that aren't upgraded by default like
  • partition with ext4 filesystem
  • encription of your home directory
In this post I'll put my impressions.
  • Design: I like the new darker brown theme and the startup screen is so beautiful. Icons are much better designed as well.
  • Firefox is 3.5 now, and is really fast at startup. Faster than the 3.5pre I used for the last weeks.
  • Thunderbird 3.0 isn't included, only 2.x can be installed. That sucks!
  • Wine: You should install the beta release, programs run so much faster, especially the GUI painting speeds up.
  • A new harddisk tool is included, which gives easy access to Smart information (healthy state about your disk).
    But the partition editor isn't included by default, you'll have to install it by hand.
  • The new Ubuntu Software Center isn't that useful as I thought. Okay, it's better than the old Application Installer, but most of the software I still have to install from Synaptic as it can't be found in the other one.
  • The Ext4 file-system seems to be really fast, find and locate finish in a few seconds.