MS Project 2003 on Ubuntu

As I already mentioned about Gantt Charting, on Windows commonly used is MS Office Project. Not always you can avoid its use, especially if anyone else in your company uses it and you'll be asked to prepare a Gantt chart for them.

So what can you do if you don't want to abandon your great Ubuntu desktop?

The solution is to run in under the hood of Crossover (will only work with MS Project 2003 Pro).
But I ran into some trouble, so I'll explain the solution here.

It is still recommendable to use any of the
open source applications which I mention here!

Install instructions

  1. Install Crossover of course. Do it with your normal user account, the recommended way.
  2. Install MS Project 2003 Pro from Crossover's internal installer, inside a win2000 bottle.
    • After being installed you can already run Project, but it will complain all the time that you have to add gbui://mainpage.htm to your trusted sites inside of Internet Explorer.
  3. So we have no other choice as to install IExplorer always.
    • Make sure you select the same win2000 bottle as the one of Project, otherwise your settings will not been seen by Project.
    • Crossover will tell you that it is a bad idea and that it will most likely fail, but nevertheless go on and ignore the warning at the end.


Now we have to add the mentioned page to your trusted sites list.
  1. Launch Crossovers Configuration application.
  2. Manage Bottles tab.
  3. Select the win2000 bottle and push Configure.
  4. Enter the Control Panel tab.
  5. Push the icon for Internet Options.
  6. Go to Security --- Trusted sites -- Sites... and enter gbui://mainpage.htm
    • You'll have to disable Require server verification first.
That's it, leave and apply the settings and from now on, MS Project 2003 will work like a charm.

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