Use Nemo with All-in-one-Places Cinnamon applet

It's really a pity, that the All-in-one-places applet hasn't got an update for including support for Nemo, as this is IMHO the best one of its kind.
But there's a workaround.
Its enough to add Nemo to the available filemanagers in
I provide you here a patchfile that you can apply, so you don't have to edit the file by yourself.
Just execute the following steps in a command line terminal.

Install instructions

First you'll have to create the patchfile with this:
cat <<EOF  >/tmp/All-in-one-Place.patch
--- a/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/all-in-one-places@jofer/
+++ b/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/all-in-one-places@jofer/
@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ PANEL_WIDGETS = [
     {'type': 'switch', 'args': { 'key': 'full-color-panel-icon', 'label': _("Show the panel icon in full color") }},
     {'type': 'switch', 'args': { 'key': 'show-panel-text', 'label': _("Show text in panel") }},
     {'type': 'entry', 'args': { 'key': 'panel-text', 'label': _("Panel text") }},
-    {'type': 'combo', 'args': { 'key': 'file-manager', 'label': _("File manager"), 'values': {'nautilus': 'Nautilus', 'thunar': 'Thunar', 'pcmanfm': 'PCManFM'} }},
+    {'type': 'combo', 'args': { 'key': 'file-manager', 'label': _("File manager"), 'values': {'nautilus': 'Nautilus', 'thunar': 'Thunar', 'pcmanfm': 'PCManFM', 'nemo': 'Nemo'} }},
     {'type': 'entry', 'args': { 'key': 'connect-command', 'label': _("Application for the  \"Connect to...\" item") }},
     {'type': 'entry', 'args': { 'key': 'search-command', 'label': _("Application for the \"Search\" item") }}
Apply the patch with this:
cd ~ ; patch -p1 < /tmp/All-in-one-Place.patch
No log out of the cinnamon session is necessary.
Just open now the settings of All-in-one-place and select Nemo from the filemanager combo.