Speed-up Ubuntu Boot-up time

I found these really interesting instructions which can speed up Ubuntu's startup.

The updates include a new kernel and replaces sreadahead with superfast ureadahead. To install these updates, follow these simple steps:

Install instructions

  1. Open the "Software Sources" under System->Administration.
  2. Select the “Other Software” tab.
  3. Click the “Add…” button in the lower left-hand
  4. Type “ppa:ubuntu-boot” and hit the “Add Source”
  5. Allow the system to refresh the sources
  6. Run “Update Manager” under System->Administration
That’s it! It will install the new kernel and replace sreadahead with ureadahead. You’ll need to reboot twice to see the benefits. The first reboot allows ureadahead to profile your boot so it can do its magic.

See also corresponding project on Launchpad.