Adorn a dumb terminal

 Sometimes, you need to sit in front of a servers terminal, one without any window manager.
So you lack the cut&paste function of your mouse.
And to make things worse, it's keyboard isn't your native one, so you start trying out certain characters like . / and so on.

An administration nightmare!

So here come some instructions to get rid of these burdens so you can focus on the real problems.

Set your favourite keyboard

Just load another keyboard translation table that fits your fingers needs:

loadkeys [keymap]

# Examples:
# loadkeys de   # german keymap
# loadkeys es   # spanish keymap
Available keymaps can be found mostly in /lib/kbd/keymaps.

Cut&paste mouse functionality

If your server has internet connection than go and install the gpm package, a cut and paste utility and mouse server for virtual consoles, which permits to use your mouse on the terminal, even if it's very basic it permits selection and pasting with middle button.
# Install the gpm package
yum install | apt-get install | etc.   gpm

# Launch the daemon
gpm -m /dev/input/mice -t exps2