Application launcher Kupfer

For some time I used Gnome-Do as application launcher, for its beautiful design and huge amount of plugins which enhance its features. But there were to things which bothered me lately:
  • Gnome-Do's Skype plug-in stopped worked time ago
  • Some applications that I removed already, still showed up in the search results
  • Icons weren't refreshed.
All recommended tips that I found in forums (remove certain folders from Gnome-Do) didn't help.
But in one of these threads they commented about another application: Kupfer.
Tried that one, and it works like a charm, connection to Skype works, almost has all plugins that I used from Gnome-Do and seems to integrate with Gnome, KDE and other systems.

Install instructions

Kupfer can be installed right away from the universal repository:
sudo apt-get install kupfer 
In it's preferences you could choose the same key-combination you used with Gnome-Do, and set it's auto-start flag.