Ubuntu 8.04 (hardy heron)

Should I upgrade to Ubuntu's latest release or should I wait?

At the moment, based on my own experience, there are more negative impressions than positive ones.


  • Most of my recommended Firefox add-ons don't work anylonger with the latest beta version of Firefox that gets installed automatically.
  • OpenOffice 2.4 lacks the paste special dialog when I try to paste some text copied from web pages into a spreadsheet. Why was that removed?
  • VirtualBox doesn't work anylonger. It has to be reinstalled, but I still have some trouble with its module.
  • It takes an eternity to start from my external USB drive (it slows down completely, and needs about half a minute to spin-up again). With 7.10 (feisty) it only took a few seconds.
  • My Windows partition doesn't show up in nautilus any longer as "Windows", but only as "xx.x GB Media", no matter what I try to get this configured.
  • Compiz wooble windows work worse on Dual screens (almost imposible to drag maximized windows from one screen to the other).


  • Some icons are much nicer.
  • Slightly speep-up of the whole system, especially Firefox (maybe of some few add-ons only?)
  • Handling of wireless nets is better, as well as the new keyring.